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A Christmas Seance

Tis the season for a bit of ghost spotting! As the festivities are fast approaching we hear that spiritual sightings increase over the Christmas holidays.

In this video, check out The Past Hun...

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About this show

Led by Bex Palmer, Sean Reynolds and Derek Acorah, The Past Hunters team bravely go where very few would dare.

Team members – Dave Hart, Natalie Garstang, Carl Joyce, Jason Townley and Eddie Fitzpatrick – are fully committed to proving once and for all whether an allegedly haunted location does indeed harbour the ghosts of the past.

In each episode, the team head out to a new haunted location.

Fusing mediumship and investigative equipment they attempt to prove paranormal activity and communicate with spirit entities.

Bex, Sean and Derek are not afraid to head straight in to some of the UK’s most active paranormal locations and with the help of the intrepid team they venture deep in to places never explored before.
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